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Our Self-Help Books on Amazon:

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You have 28 days to transform your ability to critically evaluate yourself in just 5 minutes a day.. are you ready for the challenge?

  • Who are you as a human being?

  • What matters to you?

  • How do you really think and feel about yourself?

  • What concerns you each day?

This 28 Day self-awareness challenge is an entry level into journaling for self transformation.

Spending just 5 minutes a day asking yourself some crucial questions will help to focus your mind on making small incremental changes. A little change in a day adds up to a lot over time.

Start fixing the things you can control, your daily actions.

  • What are you grateful for? Being grateful is the antidote to resentment.

  • What are you proud of? Praise yourself for doing something good

  • Are you ready to set small goals each day?

Why choose this journal?

  • You're new to journaling and don't want anything too complicated

  • You've never learned to self-reflect and you need a good entry point

  • Just 5 minutes a day or less required

  • End of week reflections

  • Beginning of week aspirations

  • End of the 28 day challenge reflections and letter of appreciation

Begin to enjoy working towards an alternative tomorrow with hope.

  • Handy paperback to keep readily available

  • Great for busy people short on time

  • The perfect paperback size (7.5″ x 9.25″)

Part of the 'Alternative Tomorrows' series from Adele Marsh. Aimed at transforming your life and showing you a path of self-discovery to help you realise your full potential. This book will begin changing your mindset on finding your purpose in life. Working towards a goal, having meaning is the path to less chaotic life.

A workbook designed to help those who think they may have hoarding behaviours to start a journey of self-discovery about hoarding. A simple to follow 28 day activity workbook to focus the mind on positive behaviours. This book is for those who don't know where to start.

You can use this workbook to:

  • Learn about the Stages of Change model

  • Find out at which stage of change you are at

  • Understand your motivation to change

  • Complete a Self-awareness checklist

  • Look ahead each week to what you fear most

  • Keep track of daily healthy habits

  • Reflect on daily & weekly achievements

  • Reflect daily on what you are most grateful for

  • Understand what type of hoarder you might be

  • Make plans for moving from awareness of your hoarding behaviours to taking action

Who is this workbook for?

  • Anyone thinking they may have hoarding behaviours, an extremely cluttered home or disorganised home.

  • For anyone wanting to start changing their hoarding behaviours who doesn't know where to start

  • Anyone wanting to change their mindset over their hoarding

What this workbook is not:

  • A quick fix

  • A magic wand to cure hoarding

  • A guide to decluttering (we have another workbook for that!!)

Essential Books for Support Professionals

Carefully curated lists from our Amazon Shop such as:


Self Help Workbooks Published by Clearout NI plus other great books on hoarding and disorganisation

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Storage Solutions - Boxes

We believe in using clear storage boxes wherever possible so that you can easily identify what you've stored. Boxes need good sturdy lids and to be stackable to make best use of available storage space

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Storage Solutions - Bags

Softer items such as duvets, blankets, linen, clothes and cuddly toys can be stored in zipped bag. 

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Storage Solutions - Baskets (for indoors)

Making use of valuable space with under-shelve baskets or free up space in your refrigerator by storing veggies in stacking kitchen baskets. There are many great ways to use baskets around the home

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Storage Solutions - Shed & Garage

Sheds and garages tend to become addtional dumping grounds. They can also be prone to damp and so many items need additional protection. Make use of wall hanging space or shelves or stack boxes where you can to free up floor space.

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Storage Solutions - For Outdoors

Bikes, garden tools, cushions for garden chairs all need protection from the elements and thieves. Keter storage items are great for outdoor clutter.

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Organising Essentials

If you're really set on getting organised you'll need marker pens, labels, packing tape etc for boxes PLUS hooks, hangers and other great space saving gadgets you never thought of! 

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