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Our Services

​In Northern Ireland:
  • In-home assistance with essential decluttering, professional organising, hazard to health clear outs and rubbish removal

  • Therapeutic aftercare visits to maintain the decluttered home

  • Assistance with motivation to reduce acquiring (compulsive buying) and relapse prevention

  • Clinical Psychotherapy & Psychologist Referrals

  • Tenancy Sustainment Packages for Housing Associations and HSC Trusts to prevent evictions

  • Members area on website with useful documents and chat groups

  • Website Blog with helpful articles and actionable tasks

  • Monthly Newsletter with products, offers and links to useful organising tools (Subscribe here)

  • Hoarding Recovery College Self-help workbooks (available on Amazon)

  • Hoarder's Monthly Support Group via Zoom (book here)

  • Individual Support Calls (private) via Phone or Zoom at intervals to suit you (ask here)

  • Hoarders Private Facebook Group (over 7000 members) run by hoarders for hoarders (Request to join must be approved by Admin)

a box of cluttered items

Therapeutic Decluttering & Donating Services

  • Been left in a home with other's belongings that no-longer live there?

  • Downsizing?

  • Moving abroad?

  • Just moved house and found you have too many things?


Book our Professional Decluttering service to declutter your home to a manageable level or get assistance with packing / unpacking before / after your house move.

We will also arrange for your decluttered items to be donated to local charities.


Read more about our Therapeutic Decluttering Service HERE

To discuss this service with us call  02895555600

a well organised closet

Professional Organising

  • Questioning whether you're making the best use of the available space in the home?

  • Not sure what shelves or cupboards to buy?

  • Need help setting up systems of storage in your cupboards or on your shelves?


Our Professional Organising service is available for County Antrim and County Down.

We can help you create personalised systems to organise your belongings in the best possible way, maximising the use of all available storage space.


Read more about our Professional Organising Service HERE

To discuss this service with us call  02895555600

a team of cleaners with mops and brushes

Hazard to Health clear out operations

  • Bagging up of rubbish, removing all perished and soiled items

  • Organising waste removal, filling a skip

  • Dealing with pest infestations


We can provide a team prepared to put on their PPE and get stuck into the dirtiest of houses. We will bag up and remove all soiled goods. Whether that be discarded food, soiled linen and clothes, perished goods, mouldy items etc. We organise a licences waste carrier to remove the waste. We will also organise the pest control services where required.

Contact us HERE

reducing acquiring.png

Reducing Acquiring (Overcoming Compulsive Buying)

  • Love a bargain in the knockdowns and end up with several bags every time you go shopping?

  • Can't resist a charity shop or boot sale?

  • Don't know why you keep buying things?


We work with clients to overcome their compulsion to keep acquiring / buying items to clutter their home. We  use Self-Awareness, Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model to help clients move forward.

We can work with private sessions by phone, Zoom or In-person at your home which includes a support call at 4, 8 and 12 weeks to help you on your journey.

Read more about our help with shopping addiction / compulsive buying HERE

To discuss this service with us call  02895555600

tenancy sustainment package.png

Tenancy Sustainment Package.. Help for Landlords

  • Have you received reports from neighbours about the state of your tenanted property?

  • Think your tenant might be Chronically Disorganised, have Hoarding Tendencies or be Self-Neglecting?

  • Worried that your property is falling into disrepair and the Tenant is refusing you access for maintenance?

We can help both private and social housing landlords and tenants to maintain their tenancies and avoid eviction.

Contact us HERE.

Image by Austin Distel

Online Courses, Training & Support calls

  • Hoarding Awareness Training

    • For healthcare professionals, emergency responders and policy makers

  • Hoarding Recovery College Online Courses

    • Stage 1 - Pre-Contemplation

    • Stage 2 - Contemplation

    • Stage 3 - Preparation

    • Stage 4 - Action

    • Stage 5 - Maintenance

  • Hoarding Recovery Action Planning - 12 Week Self-Help workbook course accompanied by weekly telephone or Zoom support sessions


Hoarding Awareness Training for Social Workers & Emergency responders

​We have 3 types of Hoarding Awareness training. Any one can be tailored to your specific requirements

  • Group training days on-site at your organisation within Northern Ireland

  • Group training sessions live online via Zoom, specifically for your employees

  • 'Hoarding Awareness - Level 1' - A Self-study course online via our courses page


For corporate enquiries, contact for more information.

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Hoarding Recovery College Courses

We are now offering self-paced Hoarding Recovery College Courses online.

Work though your Hoarding Disorder recovery with a number of different courses. We include practical strategies for overcoming hoarding and well-being courses such as Meditation, Productivity, Self-Awareness and Decluttering

View courses HERE.

Services Logos - Rectangle (7).jpg

Monthly Hoarding Support Group - online via Zoom

Join us once a month for a non-judgemental, informal support group for anyone suffering from Extreme Disorganisation or Hoarding Disorder.

Book in online HERE

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