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Welcome to our online courses

These courses are for INFORMATION  and EDUCATIONAL purposes only. They are NOT designed to replace the therapeutic interventions by a trained Clinical Psychotherapist, Psychologist or Counsellor.


These are information driven, using text, video and images to educate about the given subject, and can be used as a quick and effective way to get a general understanding of the topic. 

Health & Well Being Courses - We encourage participation in exercise and meditation to aid with recovery and introduce a positive mindset. Good physical health is essential to progress towards good mental health. Meditating, Walking, Running, Dancing, Gym classes are all part of improving our well-being.

Each course is self-paced, meaning you can login and learn at your own pace. Each course is designed to be engaging and rewarding with multiple resources such as Word docs, PDFs, Videos, etc.


Hoarding Awareness Training:

Intended for friends & family members of those suspected of hoarding, Social Workers, Emergency Services, Hoarding Support Workers, Hoarding Practitioners etc

  • Hoarding Awareness - Level 1 (For Support Professionals, Friends & Family)

Hoarding Recovery College:

For those struggling with extreme clutter, disorganisation or hoarding tendencies. Courses for both the mind and practical strategies to start the recovery process.


Many of our Hoarding Recovery courses are being offered for FREE or LOW COST, these are subsidised from our paid work elsewhere in the industry.

  • Hoarding Recovery Path - Stage 1  (Pre-contemplation)

  • Hoarding Recovery Path - Stage 2 (Contemplation)

  • Hoarding Recovery Path - Stage 3 (Preparation)

  • Hoarding Recovery Path - Stage 4 (Action)

  • Hoarding Recovery Path - Stage 5 (Maintenance)

  • 5 Day Productivity Crash Course


Self-Service, Self-Paced, access anytime courses

Each of our Hoarding Recovery Path Stages have 10 Chapters:

  1. Introduction

  2. A Trauma Informed Approach

  3. Understanding your fears

  4. Understanding attachment & barriers to discarding

  5. Understanding the Stages of Change Model

  6. Person Centred Planning

  7. Goal Setting

  8. The Power of Positive Affirmations

  9. The Benefits of Meditation and Exercise

  10. Continuing your journey

​With each Stage you gain a greater understanding of the 10 Chapter topics​

Mental & Physical Wellbeing:
  • 21 Day Learn to Meditate

  • 10 Day Meditation Challenge

  • 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Courses included with our site Membership Options:

If you are a paid website member, you will have access to a number of these courses free of charge, as they are part of your membership package. Just look on the course description to see if your membership option is listed against that particular course.

Use the dropdown menu to select which category you are interested in.

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