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Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

Professional Decluttering & Organising for the busy household.

Therapeutic decluttering services for the chronically disorganised and people with hoarding behaviours.

Professional hoarding training & support services for frontline workers.

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We all have some clutter.. but if it's negatively impacting your life then it's time to do something about it.

We help clients tackle chronic disorganisation by decluttering and re-organising the home.

We are restoring lives by restoring homes.

We help with everything from folding laundry, clearing out cupboards, bagging up charity shop donations to full property clear-outs.

Who are we?

  • We are Clearout NI, experts in decluttering and professional organising. We deal with everything from a general tidy up in a busy household to extreme cases of hoarding with 'Hazard to Health' emergency clear out operations

  • We have a trauma-informed, person-centred approach to helping people recover from chronic disorganisation, self-neglect and hoarding behaviours.

  • We provide online training in the form of educational and informational courses for those affected by hoarding behaviours and their support network (friends, family, emergency responders, social workers, housing officers etc)

  • We help to reintegrate hoarders to society, breaking down social stigmas associated with hoarding disorder

  • We're changing lives through restoring homes and creating a new beginning for every client

We can help with:

  • Decluttering and Donating - too many books, CDs, kids toys, kids clothes, ornaments etc? - we can reduce your stash and bag up items ready for charity donation or door-step collection.

  • Professional Organising - not sure how to best utilise spaces in the home? Don't know where to put shelves, cupboards and boxes. We'll show you how! Sometimes life is too busy, work, children and caring responsibilities leave little time to keep your home tidy​​ - we can fold laundry, put away toys, create storage systems and more

  • Chronic Disorganisation - has getting organised always got the better of you? have you made multiple attempts to get organised and failed? Do standardised systems leave you even more disorganised? We create unique systems to help those who have lived for years in chronic disorganisation.

  • Hoarding - clutter out of control? We specialise in hoarding recovery services through 1 to 1 sessions, workbooks, hoarding support groups and more.

Call on 02895555600 to discuss your requirements

Chronic Disorganisation Explained

Hoarding explained:

Hoarding Disorder: Mayo Clinic Radio

Hoarding Disorder: Mayo Clinic Radio

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